How To Have FANS in 2020.

(The Easy Way).

Hey! Probably you wonder how in the hell do you engage with fans and create loyal listeners for the rest of your life and of course HOW TO LIVE ENTIRELY FROM YOUR MUSIC.

Let me break it down for you, it is not that hard as you think and it shouldn't. It is not about having thousands of followers, being a big influencer, or being rich. NAH! 

In 2020 you have all in your hands to crush it.

You don't need to came from a wealthy family neither.


And yes! I'm not talking trash or capping about something I don't know.

I'm telling you from a perspective of a person that lives in a third world country and makes more money than most people working on a 9 to 5 of a first world country. (From his laptop)

If I could do it you could do it too. 

I really want you to do it!

How to have real engaging followers is all about creating a tribe. The first thing to form a tribe is to create an environment that makes it irresistible to people not to look at you. 

What are your fans really looking for? 

What do your fans want to imitate from you or your brand? 

Where are you fans congregating?

and of course...

What are the type of fans you really want?

For example, let's take a very famous rapper as an example

DaBaby - 

This guy is dope on his bars and everything, everybody wants to be like him. 

Did you get me? 

All people want to be in his shoes. Driving Nice cars, being in the best places. you name it. 

All his good stuff was because he had good music of course and he looked for a different sound at his moment. And of course, this guy is a smart guy that knows how to move in the middle of all this industry shit. 


One Question

 - Why should you look for the same thing?

 - Why should you look imitate his path?

Sheesh, fam! I'm going to tell you in two sentences how to create people drive crazy for your music. 


First of all Yes, πŸ‘‰you need to have dope songs and dope shit. 

But overall you should stop looking for the same places all the people all trying to go. 

Stop doing the same things over and over again. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

- Albert Einstein

Let it sink for a minute

So with that being said, πŸ‘‰you should look for new opportunities. New Niches no one is attending. 

Things that you know make you unique and you could reinforce with your craft. 

Another example. 

Do you want to be the fastest man in the world? Then good luck with it. (I mean it is probably not impossible but it is very hard. And it could be frustrating for you.)

But let's say you are the fastest man running backward with a bottle of milk in your head. 

That could be possible. 

I know this sounds silly but now let's say you're that guy and now Imagine you combine your unique way to approach something and show it to the world. And also create a tribe around it. 

People from the outside will call you crazy at the beginning but remember who are the crazy people at the beginning? 

The Geniuses, the different 


Do you know how many will relate to you? 

Of course, a lot more people because you're being authentic.

Then there's where the money is 


I'm not telling you to start rapping with a bottle of milk in your head or to start doing ridiculous things. 

Let's take another example. 

Tech N9ne 

Probably this guy is not on the charts every month like DaBaby or Drake but he's living entirely from his music and making good money every month ($16M Net Worth - Not bad) from this craft and also fulfilling his fan's necessities. 

Do you get me?   

My whole intention is to let you know that you could make money from your art. 

Doing your own thing. 

That's all my approach. Bring joy to your family and/or loved ones with your craft. 

BUT How the hell do you monetize your music and create a loyal fan base for life?

Glad you asked! (LOL) πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

The key is to have really close contact with your fans and know who tf are they. 

The two things that come to my mind when I'm thinking about being really close with your fans or customers are E-mails or SMS (phone calls apply too.)   

The most effective way to have people near to you is if you talk to them directly by SMS or by phone number right? Or fb messenger. 

Like the old times. 

There's no more big lie that social media followers will give you a sustainable fan base. (probably just clout but no more than that. You'll still broke asf).

How followers could really help your business or sustainable business if aren't even yours?

You don't own Facebook (or Instagram now part of Facebook), you don't own youtube,  none of that. 

But you own your contacts list, right?

like e-mails or phone numbers.




I created a free templates and a series of videos for you to start using e-mails to nurture your brand as an artist.  

You Could have 50K followers on Instagram and make no single dime from them 

But if you have 50K E-mail contacts you could make $50K Using the rights words. 

 Look at this video about e-mails for artists right below. 



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