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"I Want To Be Heard" Beat Bundle


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  • 10 Beats from Multiplatinum & Grammy Winning Producers.
  • Learn How to Get your first 100K Spotify Plays.  (E-Book)
  • Create a Blog and Make Money from your fans. (E-book)
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Hey! my name is Ivan Rodríguez also known as CABO and I've been in the music for 

almost 20 years now.

Long Story Short...

I was a professional drummer for almost 18 years and just recently I discovered that 

I'm an autistic person too. (that´s weird right?)

You maybe wonder why should you care about this?

You should care because I'm ALL ABOUT Obsession with music.

And that's why for me is really important to take care of every detail on the beats I make for you!

Artist: BillyRacxx

Travis Scott's Producer and Cabo made this beat

One of the most important things for me is to bring real value to the artists that I work with.

That you feel that you talk with a human being and that you know that I really CARE about your music.

My Main GOAL is:

Put you in the track of exposure! 😄

With that being said, I did this incredible package called:

The "I Want To Be Heard!" Beat Bundle.

and I hope this is the first step for you to start Releasing Music Constantly🚀.

let me know if you have any question at

- Ivan Rodríguez



(This is an old Facebook profile I used called hotdamnbeats for pop beats don't worry all this information is legit)

Success in the music business is all about good relationships.🤝

That's why I want to kick off our working relationship the right way, with a  good deal.

FREE Bonus #1:

10 Additional Beats & Hooks from Platinum producers Anno Domini & Legion Beats

I've teamed up with some of the best producers from all over the world to bring you this exclusive offer!

  • Platinum selling and Grammy winning producers - Anno Domini and Legion Beats have teamed up with me to give you 10 of their best beats & hooks!
  • ​Work with producers who have worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Snoop, Tech N9ne and more!
  • UNLIMITED LICENSES - You'll get the tracked-out stems and unlimited licenses so you can distribute, promote, perform, and sell these songs on all platforms with no limits!
  • Crazy Value - Normally they charge $199 for each unlimited license. That would be $1,990 for all 10. You get them FREE!

Value: $1,990

Your Cost: FREE!

FREE Bonus #2: Get your first 100 Spotify Plays E-book.

  • Get Your First 100K Spotify Plays (E-Book) - Let me tell you that if you want to succeed as an artist you need a good strategy and this E-Book will provide you the information you need to get your first 100K Spotify plays ORGANICALLY.
  • Do you really want to be HEARD? Or Do you want to Stay on the Obscurity for the Rest of your Life? 

Value: $17

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FREE Bonus #3: How to Create your Blog and Make Money from your fans.

  • Learn How to Make Money with your Blog (E-Book):

Let me tell you that being an artist doesn't mean to be broke. That's your choice. If you want to monetize your journey, you can do it just by following the steps of this Priceless E-Book. A Quick Snippet: Do you know how to earn money as an artist without followers, likes, or subscribers? This E-Book will tell you HOW.

Value: $50

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FREE Bonus #4: The Black Book of Instagram GROWTH.

  • The Secrets Influencers don´t want you to know: Get the proven method by Influencers and even Big Marketing Agencies to grow your Instagram like Crazy and become Influential ASF right after you apply these secrets!

Value: $50

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1.- Why if hate the beats?

Don't worry We got you covered! If you hate those beats you could ask for a refund on the spot and We Will send your money back! 

2.- Can I Monetize these beats? 

YES, you can. Just click on the checkbox below and also Get 10K Spotify Plays as a Bonus!

3.- Is the Music Promotion thing Legit?

Totally Legit! You'll receive rotation of your song from our providers which put your song on different platforms with a lot of traffic (internet traffic). 

You could also monitor the status and the places were your songs are more played from your Spotify Dashboard for Artists. 

4.- For real 100 Beats for $27?

Yes! I believe that you'll love my beats more than anything. You are all covered with beats from R&B, Trap, and Boom Bap.

 The price is low because I want you to start creating with no exception. Why to struggle try to find beats on youtube with millions of views that everybody jumps on?

These beats and promotions are selected only for the people that stay on my mailing list.  

5.- The Beats should be trash if you're giving them for too low.

If you think that these beats are trash after you purchase them I refund you no questions asked. I spend a year and a half of my life making all those beats. 

Around 8000 hours crafting the best bangers for you!

6.-  I want to use one of those beats exclusively.

Yes, you can. But you need to contact me first in order to do that. 

7.-  What Big Credits do you have so I can trust you?

I have Credits with China Mac and Billyracxx but to be honest placements and those things aren't my main focus. Why? You know, I've struggled more with signed artists than with Independent artists.  Because most of them are just chasing the clout, and are over-entitled.  Which is sad because they lose ground. 

8.- Does these beats include Contract? 

Yes, They do. I got you covered. 

My Contract Includes my sign on Behalf of my Company Blue Ocean Records LLC.

9.-  I don't have PayPal How I do the purchase?

Please contact me at and I'll send you other payment methods. 


Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get With To This Bundle Right Now...
  • 100 Beats Produced by CABO ($3500 Value)
  • ​​ 10 Unlimited Rights Beats & Hooks from Multi-Platinum Producers Legion Beats & Anno Domini ($1,900 Value)
  • ​​ Get Your first 100K Spotify Plays($17)
  • ​​Create a Blog a Make Money from your Fans  ($50)
  • ​​The Black Book of Instagram Growth ($50)

Total value: $5517

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